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America's favorite band!

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America's favorite band!
Vegas never looked so good

Your Best Choice for Classic Rock and the hottest Variety of Dance Music for any occasion. Serving southeast Michigan & Planet Earth since the 1970s

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Rock 'n' Roll
Cool Dude

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"The best dance couple here tonight will take home over
TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS® in cash and prizes!"

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Novi 50's Festival
Novi 50's Festival
Las Vegas, baby!

"Steve King and the Dittilies: 'America's favorite rock 'n' roll band and variety show.'
Showcasing hit songs from the 1930's through the present. Traditionally an 'oldies'
band, the Dittilies' reportoire focuses about 30 years in the past, spiced with
current topical comedy and delivered with world-class sizzle. Since the 1970's, the
Dittilies have performed on stage, television and radio in international venues for
family clients to Fortune 500 sponsors."

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